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What is Activate OnDemand?

Activate OnDemand is everything you love about our longstanding print magazine—classroom-tested lessons in a variety of structural approaches that have been rigorously edited and include everything you need to use them—plus the flexibility of a Teachers Pay Teachers-style platform where you can select individual lessons and download them for immediate use.


Not a fan of reproducible worksheets? Great, you don’t need to get them in your subscription. Really want to expand your selection of kid lit lessons? You can get those lessons and only those lessons.


With more than 300 lessons on the platform and new lessons added every month, you won’t run out of options. And we’re here when you need us (read, when the principal asks you to do something for this week’s assembly or a classroom teacher asks if you have anything to support their curriculum). Your download credits can be used anytime, and only when you need them (credits rollover for up to a year).


How does it work?

There are two subscription levels: 5 downloads for $5.95 a month or 10 downloads for $9.95 a month. Because your subscription is fully customizable, the downloads you receive are download credits, which you can then use to make purchases at Activate OnDemand.


Your current subscription also entitles you to 50% off every Activate OnDemand lesson, so even if you use all of your download credits, you can still save on that last-minute lesson.


How do I sign up?

Near the top of this page, on the right-hand side, you’ll see a price (probably $5.95). Just below it is a dropdown menu. Use it to select the subscription option you want, then click the “Join Now” button. You will then be asked to enter your credit card information. By proceeding, you authorize Lorenz to charge your credit card for the amount of your subscription (plus tax) every month for as long as you choose to subscribe.


Can I see the lessons I can choose from before I commit to subscribing?

Absolutely! Click here to go to the Lessons page. Try the filters or search for a favorite folk song or kid lit title in the search box at the top of the page. Click on the title or Quick View to see a sample page or two from the lesson.


How do I use a school PO to pay for a full year?

Right now, we can only take monthly payments via credit card. We know this doesn’t work for everyone, though. We intended to have other options in place when we launched but we’ve already waited through so many delays with our web developers, we didn’t feel like we could wait any longer. We’ll update options as soon as they’re ready, so please check back.


What’s the fine print?

Because lessons vary in length and included components, there is some price difference between individual selections. It’s not a lot but if you choose more extensive lessons, your credits may only get you 3 or 4 lessons in a given month.


Your 50%-off subscriber discount applies to all individual downloadable lessons only and may not be combined with other discounts.